Looking to Buy Land in North Carolina?

Advance Land and Timber offers buyer's representation and assistance when purchasing recreational, farmland, timberland or investment land in North Carolina.

Advance Land and Timber, LLC Land for Sale NC

Our team has over 25 years of experience evaluating and transacting real estate, particularly undeveloped and resource-rich land. Much of the land for sale North Carolina has to offer can work for investment, residential or recreational purposes. We are especially experienced in organizing land purchases for timber sales. Many of our customers see double-digit returns on timber alone.

When you choose Advance Land and Timber, LLC to help you find land, we start by finding possible plots that would work for your goals. We then analyze the land and give you detailed data on projections for it.

Land for Sale North Carolina

Choose Advance Land and Timber, LLC as Your Land for Sale NC Partner

Buying land is a prosperous and, for many people, surprisingly accessible opportunity. North Carolina is home to vacant land real estate listings that can fit anyone’s financial and lifestyle goals. To find land for sale North Carolina residents rely on Advance Land and Timber, LLC. Our 25 years of experience enable us to find the right plots of land and secure the right terms for our clients every time.

Realize Your Goals With Land For Sale North Carolina

Do you want to find a new investment and increase your wealth? Do you want to find the right place to live after retirement? Do you want to enjoy the great outdoors at your leisure? No matter what your goals, Advance Land and Timber, LLC can help you find the right plot of land for sale NC has to offer. Vacant land can have limitless opportunities to invest your time, money and future.

Find What You Need

The key to a successful land purchase is to understand what you want from the deal. Land can be used as an investment tool, something to develop or a combination. Below are a few of the possible uses for the land for sale NC residents are buying.

Outdoor Recreation

Never worry about poaching or trespassing again. Find your own patch of the excellent hunting land for sale NC has to offer. You can enjoy all your favorite outdoor recreational activities with the confidence and joy of knowing it is your own land. Whether you like camping, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity, you can do it on your land.


Much of the land for sale NC owners have listed could be used for farming. This is an excellent way to earn a return on your investment land. Agriculture can be big business for motivated entrepreneurs.


Whether you want to build your own residence, develop properties for sale or subdivide and do both, you can with it with the land for sale North Carolina has. We can help you find a plot that matches with the current housing trends, so you can earn a great return on your investment. Alternatively, find a quiet, remote parcel of land for yourself.

Timber Sales

Our specialty at Advance Land and Timber, LLC is land for timber sales. Our clients often see double-digit returns from their well-managed timber operations alone. In the hands of the right owner, this can be developed into a thriving industry.

Timber land for sale in North Carolina

Timberland for Sale North Carolina

Why Choose Land for Sale in North Carolina?

The land for sale North Carolina offers is attractive to buyers for many reasons. There are so many opportunities to realize your goals in the state. Below are a few of the benefits of buying in North Carolina.

  • The land is expected to appreciate over the next few years. It is currently relatively inexpensive, but demand is growing while the amount of available land is only shrinking.
  • Many parts of North Carolina are ideal for outdoor recreation. The weather is temperate, and the flora and fauna are abundant.
  • Even the most remote parts of the state are never too far from modern conveniences. Like most of the east coast, North Carolina is continuing to develop, ensuring there is always a nearby town or small city.
  • North Carolina has historical significance as one of the first states to enter the union. It also has expansive parks and natural attractions.

Advance Land and Timber, LLC is an experienced team that can help you find the land for sale NC owners are listing right now that will work for your needs. We can also help you understand what current trends and data say you can expect from your potential purchase.

We will also help you secure the best possible deal on your purchase. We are the agent you can rely on. Contact us by calling (803) 957-9503 to learn more.